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Pain Relief in the Comfort of Your Own Home

     All massages are catered to your individual needs. I understand that every massage client is unique and that "fixing" an issue could involve using more than one style of massage. Due to this, I charge by the time and not the techniques to ensure that I am able to address each concern with detail and precision. 

     I am well versed in human anatomy and specifically trained to treat chronic conditions such as low back/hip/ sciatica pain, chronic headaches, shoulder issues and much more.

     Each session involves an intake where we discuss your goals for massage and brief health history. Appointments are hands-on for the full session paid for and I provide the massage table, music, and sheets. I have other accommodations (i.e. essential oils, additional bolsters, warmers, hot stones) if requested in advance.


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(210) 330-2125


(210) 330-2125

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